jeudi 8 octobre 2009

Des jours meilleurs ? Super trampa

Supertramp - Better days

Trust me, I can help you
Feel free, we can save you
Join us in the good life
And better days, better days

Campaign for a new life
Champagne and the bright lights
Make way for the right way
And better days, better days

You didnt realize about the other life that we can give you
Well open up your eyes and make you see the light thats all around you
Well help you work it out and then youll never doubt
Our intuition, our vision, our decision, our mission, so listen

No war, no inflation
No more desperation
Youll see we can show you
Better days, better days

No hunger, higher wages
Good schools, smiling faces
Make way for the new way
Better days, better days

Were going to lead you down to where the sun is always brightly shining
Well push away the clouds and show you theres a gold and silver lining
Well take away the pain, youll want to try again
You wont be sorry, so dont worry, dont worry, so hurry and join me

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